Thursday, 10 July 2008


Having just started a new job in London im afraid this is getting pretty neglected. There is pure dedication to work down here with most people (including myself) finding themselves working 12 hours days if not longer ! It has come to my attention that targeting these markets is increadibly taxing - for example for experiance with the friend im living with, she has just made partner and leaves the flat at around half 8 every moning and doesnt return until half 8 in the evening at the earliest but with dinning clients and social networking with must be attended may find themselves getting home half 10 if not later. This group dont really have time to watch tv or listen to the radio, nor read magazines yet they have a large amount of disposable income available to spend, and trialability is high as they often dont have time to shop around. It is amazing what the art of word of mouth can do, and so advertising in the form of posters are alot more visual and very strategically placed for example in the underground systems.