Friday, 29 January 2010

SeeMe - scotland leading the way?

Have any of you seen the new SeeMe and Childline TV adverts ? I think they are very inspiring. They hit issues right on the head. So many people whether they have a phsyical or psycological issue get treated differently just becuase people cant see past their steroetypes or get their heads round the their situation.

From my exerinaces many people who i have been close with for many years, did not know how to react or handle the situation (and my issues should be mainly temporary). When i was in hospital only a select few visited now i am out not much has changed, those who were unsure of what to say and do still are and so avoidance is the easiest tacktic for them. Another is ignorance, quite a few people will ask 'How are you doing?' but very few actually want to realy know!

I was speaking to others in my situation on a support forum the otherday and one of the women on their summed it up really well. She said that people can often have anissue becuase you remind them they are not invincable, that horrible things can happen in the world and we are maybe not as safe in our little wee world as we would like. They dont have an issue with me so much as they have an issue with what i represent, in my case that in a matter of seconds your life can be turned upside down and inside out. It is so nice to see people such as the SeeMe campaign aiming to raise awareness of these kinds of issues. People say they can find it hard to support someone who is going through a rough time (maybe for the issues that i have talked about above) but what i would say and what i think they are trying to get across in the SeeMe campigns is that ok it may be hard for you....but think how much harder it is for them - especially if they are isolated becuase of that !

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A step in the right direction ?

I find it positive that there is an increase in awareness about disability. It is almost like it is becoming a more acceptable concept, or maybe people are just waking up and smelling the coffee. For a change maybe society is coming to learn that this is something which isn’t going to go away nor is it something which can be swept under the carpet. With the introduction of TV shows such as How to Look Good Naked with a difference and Cast Offs (both on Channel 4) I think this is a step in the right direction.

You are not alone.

So here we are moving into the New Year, the perfect time for a fresh start and new thinking. I have been recently talking with a very inspiring woman – Olivia Giles. She is the founder of 500 miles ( and is doing fantastic work with 3rd world countries, increasing awareness about disability and better prosthetics. I would also seriously recommend you watch her documentary which was on BBC on the 4th at 7:30.

Via Olivia I have also been in contact with a wonderful man called John Wormersly. He runs another charity called DIGG (Disability Information Greater Glasgow) ( which does some amazing work to raise awareness about the services and facilities available to young adult patients. He addresses many issues which are close to my heart and I have risen in this project including the support provided to the patients once they are discharged as well as the importance of exercise in a person’s recovery and their quality of life. He is also working with 3 other young adults like me who are keen to make a difference so I am very hopeful about this. As they say the more the merrier, I am hoping that once they see it is not a singular problem they will listen.

I believe that when you are addressing issues as big as these the more people you can get behind you, the more likely you are to succeed. I have been so fortunate to be able to talk to people such as Olivia and John who are really making waves and hope that I can work together with and learn from them to make our dreams of change a reality.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

experimental/creative cooking

I am currently working on a new form of storyboarding. I wanted to document all the scenarios that a person faces when they have a back impairment. The one thing that became apparent to me is how creative I have become in my solutions to the issues that I have faced.

For example to get my hair washed I have to rope in someone to help but there is also the small matter of moving and cleaning a toilet frame and folding chair to lie on let alone the 3 towels ! I have decided to demonstrate this in a recipe format. I feel this reflects the need for combining loads if different methods and equipment while also be able to inject in some humour.

With reference to the crutch I have still struggled to find a solution but and now looking to focus on finding help with prototyping of the product and my concepts. So if anyone knows of any other contacts who would be willing to get involved let me know.