Monday, 8 December 2008

New Project

We hav been given a new project associated with the laser cutting company Ponoko who are based in new zeland, this was really exciting although also very challenging.

We were given 3 areas which we could design for, these were garden, design studio and office. I automatically was drawn to the garden. Being from Norway i love nature and i always draw a large element of inspiration form it. I chose to look at the new development of norwarys tourist routes by new young ariticets and the design group 'what norway says'. From this i drew up a few key areas of focus which my design must meet, these included complementating nature not competing with it, and adding a new aspect to a mundane object.

From this i wanted to confront our inspiration for living and objects in the garden such as BBQ's, chairs and tabels. We take inspiration from inside, instead of drawing of the beauty of the outside which you are supposed to be outside enjoying.

Getting back into the swing of things

Admittidly this poor blog has been rather neglacted so maybe a quick update is required.

Firstly back at uni and getting into the swing of things. We have just finished a project for NCR which i was fortunate enough to come third in. The projects title was called selfish self service and we were fortunate enough to be able to choose the direction of our project as long as it fitted under the heading of selfish self service.

I choose to base my project on the concept of prescriptions and my experiances of being in a pharmacy. Haveing 2 sevear food allergies and being on a large amount of prescription drugs due to another illness entering a pharmacy for me brings a huge element of fear. I have to question whether my prescription tablets will be ok, whether i remember to ask the pharmacist if its ok, whether they even know! I also get increadibly frustrated at the fact i have to research what vitamins i can have or over the counter tablets i can buy. I dont believe that i should have to hold this responsibility.

From this i developed a form of kiosk which would be situated in store, it would consist of an up to date datebase of all allergies and interactiosn between all forms of tablets. I have to consider whether i would trust a machine but i found i when i considered it that i would actually trust a computer more for quantitative data although i would prefer a person for qualitative data. To back up my reasearch i also conducted a variety of interviews and focus groups with a similar consensus. The kiosk is aimed to act as a facilitator between the consumer and pharmacist while also acting as an aid for the pharmacist.

I was really happy with the outcome as this is a subject which i hold quite colsely to my heart.