Friday, 13 August 2010


Hello everyone firstly I must apologies for not keeping this as up to date as I would have liked. Things have been very busy as of late and my time has been pulled in many directions.

So i suppose the best start is to give you an update of what I have done from the last time i posted until now ! Our degree show opening night was very successful and Grays was crammed to the rafters so a very positive night for all. The following week was also successful and although maybe not as busy as we had all hoped (although now I think our hopes may have been a little unrealistic) but all the same very positive and I would like to thank everyone who came.

I was also lucky enough to be awarded a first class for my project – something which I don’t think I can ever put into words how pleased I feel about. As you all know from this blog this project has been something very personal to me and strongly relates to personal and social issues which are very close to my heart so after all the late nights and endless hours of work it is a fantastic feeling to see it being recognised.

But just because university is over does not mean that my work stops here and I have decided that the knowledge that I can offer and my approach to design is too much to turn my back on. If anything I owe it to not only myself but to every other patient and medical professional that I have spoken to and worked with over the past year to peruse this further. With this in mind I am pleased to announce that I have started up my own company so watch this space !

So where from here ? I still have a long road in my recovery process and although this is not a position I would like to be in, I would rather make the best out of the situation as I can. My partner has also had to go through several surgeries as of late and so I intend to use his personal experiences as well to not only get a male perspective but to also broaden my range of specialism and injuries. This is what I am now going to use this blog for as a continual documentation of my research and experiences.

I am also keen to expand my knowledge further into the psychological side of trauma as well as the physical and want to show other people in my age group that there is hope, a way forward and how to turn their negative situation into a positive one. If anyone is interested in talking to me about any of this please feel free to contact me.

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